Monday, 22 February 2016

Eye Skatepark

Okay, so I know that Eye skatepark isn't technically right inside Peterborough, but it's very close indeed.  I also really wanted to visit Eye skatepark because when searching for every other Peterborough Skatepark Eye was the only Skatepark Google Maps would show me.  This is yet another reason I spent all weekend driving around Peterborough manually adding all the skateparks to Google Maps.  At least now when you search for 'skateparks in Peterborough' the results show more than just Eye Skatepark.

I was pretty amazed when I arrived in the community centre car park in the village of Eye and looked down the playing field / hill to the skatepark.  It's HUGE!  What was equally amazing was how empty the park was.  I was the only person there when I arrived.  I was visiting these parks before lunchtime, so I realise that might be a contributing factor, but back home in Suffolk most skateparks are full to bursting by lunchtime.  Mostly scooters...

Eye skatepark is made up of metal ramps, but not the rattle and clattle type.  These are sold, smooth ramps.  The (amazing) half pipe had a similar feel to skating a wooden ramp.  It was gorgeous, but because most of experience is on concrete ramps it took a little while to stop squealing each time my wheels slipped.

The central part of Eye Skatepark is full of a series of large funboxes, with ramps on one side and trans on the other.  There's also an assortment of rails and all kinds of other things bolted on the side.  There's also a sort of fake metal wall at one end of the the park that looks fun.

The concrete surface of Eye Skatepark is smooth enough, but looks a little tired.  I had no complaints, but I recommend you watch where your wheels go as there are some decent size gaps between the 'plates' of concrete.  Not enough to skittle you off your board, but well worth spotting before you roll over them.

My visit was cut short by a couple of adults who arrived at the skatepark with their (very) young scooter kids.  This wouldn't have stopped me normally but the adults sat right in the middle of the central ramp in the park, and I wasn't in the mood to politely point out that they were both putting themselves in danger and making half the park unridable.

On the whole Eye skatepark is great.  I'm really looking forward to getting back on that huge half pipe.

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