Sunday, 21 February 2016

Peterborough Skateparks - why does this site exist?

I have been visiting Peterborough for about twenty years.  It's where my in-laws live and I have always been quite happy to spend time in Peterborough.  There's plenty to do, and the amount of cool things to do in Peterborough seems to be growing all the time.

Until recently I had no idea there were so many skateparks in this city.  One weekend while visiting Peterborough I decided to find the nearest skatepark to where my wife's parents live.  The first skatepark I found was Werrington.  This isn't technically the closest, but it is my favourite (so far).  I was so impressed by my visit that I wrote a blog post about Werrington Skatepark on my personal blog.

Having had such a brilliant time at Werrington I decided to spend the rest of my weekend visiting as many of the other Peterborough Skateparks as I could find.  And that's when the problems started.  I couldn't find any other skateparks in Peterborough.  I knew other skateparks existed in this city because I could find mentions of them in the local press (online) and there were a few videos of Peterborough Skateparks on YouTube.  But actually finding the skateparks so I could visit and skate them?  Well that was damn near impossible.

Every skatepark I searched for on Google Maps gave me Eye Skatepark as the only result.  Totally useless.  So I decided that as I found each Peterborough skatepark I would add it to Google maps and Swarm (FourSquare) to make it easier for other skaters to find places to skate in Peterborough.

Creating this blog was the next logical step.  As I was visiting all the skateparks this weekend I took photos of them.  The reason being that when trying to hunt down well hidden skateparks seeing what they actually look like is a huge help.  As to why council and other interested parties spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on skateparks but then don't do the basics, like sign post them or put them on Google Maps, well I guess I'll never know.  In the meantime there's this blog, so please spread the word.

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