Sunday, 21 February 2016

Stanground Skatepark

Stanground Skatepark in Peterborough is nuts.  Seriously, I have never seen so many transitions crammed into such a small area.  It's Brilliant!  There's trans with coping, trans without coping, flat ramps, everything.

If you look at these photos you might think Stanground Skatepark looks a bit crammed, a bit 'busy'.  I guess it is, but it works really well.  I'm not the greatest at dropping in, but was happy enough dropping in on the trans that are only a couple of feet high at one of the park and finding my way from one end of the skatepark to the other.

Stanground Skatepark would be the perfect place to learn to pump trans.  With even moderate pumping you can easily make yourself from one end of the skatepark to the other.  And what's more you can do it in quite a linear way.  No need for mad snaking and getting in other people's way here.

In addition to the main 'path' through Stanground Skatepark there's a nice wide quarter pipe and a three quarters bowl.  It's a bit like the main route through the Skatepark is a corridor, with different skating rooms leading off it from either wide.

Stanground Statepark is also the only skatepark I've ever been to (so far) that has the glass-smooth concrete of the main Skatepark surface leading up to the entrance.  I used this to get up a decent speed to pump myself up into the main body of the park, before increasing speed leading up to the high half pipe size trans at the far end of the park.  I'm not sure I'm explaining this very well, but just take from what I'm saying that it's a nice touch.  One of many at Stanground Skatepark.

Sadly it was a bit too wet and muddy the day I visited, but the local scooter kids I spoke to said Stanground Skatepark dries out really quickly compared to other places.

I visited at 11am on a Sunday morning and had the place to myself for a bit.  The couple of scooter kids who turned up when I'd been skating for a bit were polite, understood skatepark etiquette and told me the place usually gets busy around 1pm on Sundays.

Stanground Skatepark is my favourite place to skate, second only to Werrington Skatepark.

Stanground Skatepark Photos

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