Sunday, 21 February 2016

Welland Skatepark

Well what an interesting place.  I can see that at some point someone has tried really hard with Welland Skatepark in Peterborough.  There are some clattering old metal ramps, including a nice wide quarter pipe ramp and a metal fun box.  The fun box makes a hell of a noise as you roll over it, and the half pipe has a gap of an inch or so between the ground and the start of the ramp.

Along the whole edge of Welland skatepark is a really long trans with coping.  It's about waist height and not entirely uniform along it's length, but in an interesting kind of way.

The other side of Welland Skatepark has, er, I'm not sure how to describe it really.  It looks like someone has tried to create a tropical island out of concrete.  This island is about five metres long and a rough tear shape, being about four metres at its widest point, tapering down to a nicely sculpted point.  There's a wide channel (sea?) behind it, creating a gap between the island and a long curved gentle bank with a gentle slope and a flat top.  I'm not sure what the designers were going for, but it's all more interesting than your standard trans and ramps.  But there's just one problem.

Welland Skatepark is one of those curious skateparks were little though appears to have been given to providing a smooth surface to skate on.  The surface at Welland Skatepark is like a knackered old all weather tennis court.  I tentatively tried rolling off the metal funbox and as soon as my wheels hit the craggy tarmac they stopped rolling.

Welland Skatepark could be really good fun if you're into BMX.  Scooter wheels might just about cope with the surface of the skatepark.  If you're into skateboards then quite honestly I wouldn't bother going to Welland Skatepark.  Even if you had softer wheels your skateboard would likely vibrate so much you'd loose your fillings.

Welland Skatepark Photos

If you're on a skateboard I wouldn't recommend trying this ramp, until you don't value your front teeth

Welland Skatepark Video

I've not found any yet.

Welland Skatepark Map

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